Text Formatting Don’ts

The way a person formats text is to communicate additional information. “This phrase is a section heading.” “This word is more important than all the others.” When text formatting gets out of control, that information is obscured and a host of other problems arise.

The Crisis of Our Times: The Violent Collision of Anthropomorphic Typography and Grammatically-Compelled Punctuation

I am SERIOUS about writing high-quality, well-informed, and, most importantly, honest content for the web. I have recently stumbled upon a huge collective failure of the internet community. Please take a moment to understand the biggest challenge to my generation and learn what you can do to combat this problem.

Think Before You Link

I don’t know that I’ll ever perfect the art of writing link text, but there are some basic patterns and word choices to avoid. This article covers how to write good link text that increases readabiliy, accesibility, and search engine rankings.

H1: Headings Are Important

Headings are easy to add to web pages and give big payoffs in readability, usability, accessibility, and search engine friendliness. If you don’t know what headings are, take the 10 minutes to learn. They’re simple. If you do know what they are, this should give you some good examples of why they matter.