WordPress WYSIWYG Tips from WordCamp Seattle 2012 [video]

Last May, I presented at WordCamp Seattle 2012. Now, I’m happy to report that the video of that presentation is available on WordPress.tv! You can see it below.

In the presentation, fellow Seattle WordPresser Christine Winckler and I covered basic and advanced tips about editing content in WordPress using the WYSIWYG editor. As I mentioned during the presentation, we created a website instead of a powerpoint, and you can view the website at mrwweb.com/wysiwha.

One More Thing

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover last week that my WordPress plugin, Post Status Menu Items, was included alongside other plugins that improve the WordPress administrative experience in two places:

The plugin only has 500+ downloads, but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only person who likes it!

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