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MRW Web Design has made and released four plugins for WordPress. Each plugin addresses a personal need or that of a client and was released so that the work may benefit everyone in the WordPress community of users and developers.

Feature a Page Widget

Plugin Banner: Three layouts and admin interface

A widget with an easy-to-use interface to create a short summary of and link to an existing Page in any Sidebar. My most popular plugin. Learn more about Feature a Page Widget.

Simple TinyMCE

Plugin Banner: Single row WordPress text editor

This plugin significantly pares down the features of the WordPress text editor in order to encourage editing best practices. An explanation for removing buttons appeared on my blog in “A WordPress Formatting Manifesto.” I install this on every site I build and I use it on my own site. It’s faster to use and results in the best possible long-term results.

Simple TinyMCE on

Post Status Menu Items

Plugin Banner: Screenshots of post statuses

A simple plugin for people who have lots of in-progress Posts on their site. This plugin saves some clicks and provides a quick overview of how many posts are in each status. Learn more about Post Status Menu Items.

Post Type Archive Descriptions

Screenshot of a "Books" post type archive description

A plugin largely for developers. This makes it easy to add text at the top of the page listing all posts in a “Custom Post Type”. As appears in the banner screenshot, this might be a page listing all Books or, as on this site, Projects or Testimonials. More modern WordPress themes that use the correct function, work with this plugin out of the box!

Post Type Archive Descriptions on

Hawaiian Characters

Hawaii Islands & Letters with Special Diacritical MarksWordPress Special Characters Popup with Added Hawaiian Characters

Built following a client request and a lobbying effort to change WordPress, the Hawaiian Characters plugin makes it easier to insert the special diacritical mark—called a kohaku—required to spell many Hawaiian words.

Despite its low usage and very simple code, this might be the plugin I’m proudest of!

Hawaiian Characters on


A cute bunny in some verdant grass

Checkboxes with carrtBy far, my least important plugin. When installed, the plugin immediately replaces all check marks and radio button dots in the WordPress admin with carrots.


Because you can.

CarrotPress on

Adopted Away & Abandoned Plugins

These plugins are no longer maintained by me or at all.

Adopted: Advanced Custom Fields Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser

March 2017: This plugin was adopted by Aaron Rutley. Aaron will continue supporting and improving the features in this plugin!

Another small but useful administration plugin built specifically for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin’s Repeater add-on. Allows each repeated row to be toggled open and closed for easy reordering.

Fork Advanced Custom Fields Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser on GitHub

WP Inline Access

WP Inline Access Banner

An experimental plugin for making websites easier to understand and edit for new WordPress site administrators. Originally proposed in the article “A New WordPress Editing Concept: Inline Access” and expanded upon in “WP Inline Access: Where Does It Go From Here?” Presented to the Seattle WordPress Meetup October 2013 Meetup and at InfoCamp 2013.

Fork WP Inline Access on GitHub

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