Writing Tips (Hint: #1 is Start now!) [link]

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It doesn’t matter where you write so long as you’re doing it!

Writing for the web is hard. It’s different from writing a brochure or writing a newsletter or writing a press release. It can include hyperlinks and blockquotes and headings and images. But like most other kinds of writing, the hardest part is getting started.

Despite all the complicated processes required to build a website—including designing, developing, testing, and training—it’s often the writing and editing of content that keeps the project from launching on time. And so that’s why I loved this article from fellow nonprofit WordPressers WiredImpact. In their list of seven tips for writing for your website, they start with the most important:

1. Start Writing Right Away

Give yourself way more time than you think you’ll need. Writing enough copy to fill a website will undoubtedly involve a good deal of frustration. You’ll hit periods where you just can’t find the right words.

By starting early, you’ll have time to walk away for a bit and come back fresh the next day.

The other six tips are useful too, so make sure to read the full list.

Read “7 Tips for Writing Stellar Nonprofit Website Copy (without Delay)” from WiredImpact.

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