How do I proactively make sure my website is accessible?

This is post 3 of 3 in the series “Ask Me Anything” The Washington State Nonprofits Conference provides a chance for me to answer questions about all-things-nonprofit-websites for any attendee of this great conference. I’ve participated in 2021, 2022, and 2023, answering questions about website accessibility, website strategy, and content management. Many of the questions … Continue reading “How do I proactively make sure my website is accessible?”

“Resilient Web Design” by Jeremy Keith

There’s nothing like reading a short book about web design on a plane! I just finished reading Jeremy Keith’s fantastic web book Resilient Web Design. It is itself a website, and it’s built so that supported-browsers can store it offline once you’ve visited any page on the site! How resilient! The primary point of the book … Continue reading ““Resilient Web Design” by Jeremy Keith”

Cases for Accessibility [link]

On my blog, in talks, and in my work with clients, I’ve really taken it upon myself to advocate for accessible design and development practices. There are so many good arguments for accessibility, yet it’s not always easy to get decision makers to buy in to accessibility requirements or commit to investing money in accessibility. Elle … Continue reading “Cases for Accessibility [link]”

Tip: CTRL/CMD + F for Find in Page [link]

Do you know what CTRL + F on Windows does (or CMD + F on Macs)? In many programs, it allows you to “Find in Page.” This is immensely useful, particularly in browsers and word processors. If you don’t know it, join the club! Apparently most people don’t: 90 percent of people in their studies don’t … Continue reading “Tip: CTRL/CMD + F for Find in Page [link]”