Mark Root-Wiley, Front End & WordPress Developer

I build thoughtful websites with attention to user and editor experience. Focusing on the "front-of-the-front-end", I bring designs to life with care to make information and services accessible to any person on any device.

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Front-End & WordPress Developer, 2009 –

MRW Web Design, Seattle, WA

Front end developer, specializing in accessible, responsive front-of-the-front-end code. Sole developer and consultant for dozens of projects requiring accessible WordPress themes, child themes, and plugins for nonprofit and mission-driven organizations.

Full-service client interactions and experience leading all phases of web projects with particular interest in information architecture, content modeling, semantic markup, and responsive design. Deliverables include interactive maps, resource libraries, complex forms, and customized WordPress editor interfaces using both custom metadata and WYSIWYG interfaces.

Web Developer, Grinnell College, 2009 – 10

Website Development Intern, 2003 – 09

Selected Projects Portfolio & Client List

EarthGen, 2021

Washington Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker, 2020

In collaboration with Rasika Consulting

Communities In Schools of Washington, 2019

Washington Trails Association Hike Finder Map, 2018

In collaboration with Rasika Consulting

Open Source Contributions

Writing & Speaking

Selected Articles

"Standardized Design Tokens and CSS for a consistent, customizable, and interoperable WordPress future", Personal Blog

"Now is a critical moment to find a path that meets the needs of WordPress core development without sacrificing the needs of 3rd-party themes and plugins. In finding a forward path, we can unlock new and exciting possibilities for core, themes, and plugins that strengthen the entire WordPress ecosystem."

"In Praise of the Unambiguous Click Menu", CSS Tricks

"Instead of relying on the hover interaction or some other 'creative' (and confusing) solution, let’s build menus where parent items are buttons that show and hide submenus when clicked. This instantly solves the hover menu problem because click menus work unambiguously."

"Building a Conference Schedule with CSS Grid", CSS Tricks

"In the process of building a proof of concept, I found a few techniques that made the code highly readable and outright fun to work with."

"A WordPress Formatting Manifesto", Personal Blog

"I believe that the best possible text formatting and styling in a CMS is portable, semantic, accessible, and easy."

Selected Presentations