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Death To PDFs! [link]

I’m not a huge fan of, but my dislike of PDFs is far stronger, so I was excited to see The Heritage Foundation find an easy-to-implement workaround for putting another PDF on the web. People don’t like PDFs, so if you put important information in PDFs, you should assume people aren’t seeing it. The PDF is dying. Study […]

WordPress for All: Formatting Accessible Content

WordPress for All: Formatting Accessible Content. Mark Root-Wiley. WordCamp Seattle: Beginner Edition. October 24, 2015.

Saturday, October 24, 2015, I was at McCaw Hall at Seattle Center, presenting at WordCamp Seattle: Beginner Edition about web accessibility’s importance for all website users and four specific techniques that beginning WordPress users could implement on their sites.

Tip: CTRL/CMD + F for Find in Page [link]

Diagram of "Find in Page" feature in Chrome

Do you know what CTRL + F on Windows does (or CMD + F on Macs)? In many programs, it allows you to “Find in Page.” This is immensely useful, particularly in browsers and word processors. If you don’t know it, join the club! Apparently most people don’t: 90 percent of people in their studies don’t […]