WordPress 5.0 is Not Ready

WordPress 5.0 contains a massive change to content editing. Without working through a systematic review of what’s been built, I don’t know how anyone can be sure that it is ready for release. The project needs more time and public validation that it’s ready.

Website Basics for Small Nonprofits Webinar & Slides

Last week, I had the pleasure of giving a new webinar for Washington Nonprofits. It covered a lot of information in just under an hour, and we got great feedback! So nice to be reassured that a SIMPLE start is o.k.! The site can grow over time! Webinar Participant The presentation specifically speaks to smaller … Continue reading “Website Basics for Small Nonprofits Webinar & Slides”

“Engaging” “Interactive” Websites & The Pepsi Challenge

As a web designer, one of my jobs is to understand people’s design preferences before I put pencil to paper and mouse to screen. Looking at other websites as examples of design is important but provide misleading reactions when it comes to make decisions. Using Example Sites to Guide Design Projects Looking at examples of … Continue reading ““Engaging” “Interactive” Websites & The Pepsi Challenge”