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Seattle, WA, USA
I primarily serve Puget Sound nonprofits but am happy to hear from anyone.
206-745-2581 (Email Preferred)

Plugin or Theme Support Forums

Looking for help with one of my plugins or theme? Please open a support thread on in the appropriate support forum: Feature a Page WidgetBlogsonryPost Status Menu Items, Simple TinyMCE, Post Type Archive Descriptions, Hawaiian Characters.

Contact Form

Email Preferred

When possible, please email or use the contact form rather than call.

If you feel a voice conversation would be easier for you, I am happy to oblige, but please email to schedule a call.

Why Email?

Email allows me to:

  • manage my communications in a way that is more efficient.
  • focus on other work when I need a large amount of time to complete a task.
  • quickly search and refer to previous communications.

Please know that if I don’t pick up on your unscheduled call, I will do my best to return it as soon as possible.

For further reading, check out “Why Developers Hate Being Interrupted.”

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