You and your organization deserve a website that is attractive, functional, and easy to maintain.

You deserve to get that site from someone who takes the time to understand your organization’s needs before designing and developing a user-friendly website.

My name is Mark Root-Wiley and I work with nonprofits and mission-driven organizations to understand their goals and transform them into outstanding WordPress websites.


What: WordPress Websites for Nonprofits

Nonprofit website planning, design, WordPress development, training, technical maintenance, and on-going support. That turns into a high-quality thoughtful website for your organization.

Why: Building Capacity to Support Your Mission

Every nonprofit needs a website. A beautiful and maintainable website, adds capacity to an organization, letting it work faster and smarter to achieve its mission.

Who: Mark Root-Wiley

I've made websites for nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations for years with past experience in higher education. I focus on thoughtful decision making and clear communication.

Where: Seattle, Washington

Most clients are from the Puget Sound region in Washington state, but I've worked with people all over the world.

When: Get In Touch!

The earlier you get in touch to discuss working together, the more likely I'll be available. Custom website projects take from 2 to 10 months.

How: Collaboration & Expertise

We work together to define the exact website you need. You bring the expertise on your mission while I provide the design, development, and best practices expertise for nonprofit websites.