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This page is part of the /now page movement. Last updated: March 06, 2023

[As soon as I have the time, I’m converting this to an RSS-only blog series. I just can’t stand using web pages as a white board, even though I thought I’d be ok with it…]

After asking around a bit, I signed up for a Mastodon account on Fosstodon. Thus far, the stuff I’ve seen there is interesting. As Twitter appears to edge closer to death—or at least irrelevance—I want to make sure I still have a good online community for tech and WordPress news/advice/chatter. Follow me at


February was a pretty quiet month with some highlights around things I’m learning and sharing.

I launched an under-the-hood overhaul for Keta Legacy Foundation and blogged about it along the way. That was a first and an interesting experience. I got some very useful feedback from multiple people in the WordPress community to help me along the way while sharing some useful tips and validating others’ experience.

I also posted my client email tips (technically in March already), a post I literally started years ago and finally finished. Blogging is fun! RSS is still amazing.

Large projects continue to be discussed and quietly pick up steam. I’ll be excited to share more when I can.

I’ve also been getting out to work more and doing more networking meetings and calls. All in all, it’s very rewarding to start emerging (slowly) back out into the world of face-to-face interactions.


I made it back to pickup soccer once and it was even better than last time. I’ve also managed to run almost twice per week which is my goal. I have a spiffy little Google Form + spreadsheet with formulas tracking my goals which I find surprisingly motivating along with planning my exercise as part of my weekly review.

The Seattle Sounders started playing again, and that has been very fun as they’re off to a great start in the season!

And I suspect that The Beths have already taken #1 for my 2023 Spotify wrapped position. This week, I’m especially fond of When You Know You Know and Little Death.