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This page is part of the /now page movement. Last updated: 7 Dec 2020


Moving Clients to the Block Editor

Work is cranking. I had a goal of upgrading 10 existing client WordPress sites to the block editor this year and I’m going to just make it with a final training on Wednesday. The editor is still far from perfect and drives me crazy almost every week, but I still think it’s an upgrade from the previous one, and a vast majority of clients like the change.

Playing with Text Expansion

Two weeks ago I installed FastKeys to create some new shortcuts and “text expansion” shortcuts. Examples:

  • “m–” turns into an em-dash: —
  • “m-rw” turns into “Mark Root-Wiley”
  • “cal30” turns into the URL to schedule a 30min meeting with me
  • CTRL + SHIFT + K makes the selected text a link with the URL on my clipboard in Gmail or Google Docs
  • Other text expansions for my name, address, a couple lines I write in monthly invoice emails, and the template I use to start any notes document

I’d love to trade tips!

Recent Work

The new version of the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker has launched to much excitement and acclaim! This has been a super fun and exciting project to work on! Here’s a screenshot of the page showing all vaccines:

Cool stuff

A few months ago, I built this cool donation campaign “thermometer” for a client. I also added some pretty sweet scrollable previews to the top of portfolio pages. I’m trying to up my game of “engaging” interface elements that really can make sites pop.


2020 is almost over. Can’t wait.

I bought Mountain a few weeks ago. It is charming and relaxing and very strange.