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This page is part of the /now page movement. Last updated: 30 July 2021


What. A. Month. July was as busy as I expected, but I launched a bunch of stuff!

WTA just launched their new hike recommendation tool that I helped design and develop with a team of developers and volunteers. And if all goes according to plan, I should be releasing at least 3 new websites in July!

Our team for the COVID-19 tracker website also go this amazing little note through out contact form last week:

I HAVE NO FEEDBACK, I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU. This is amazing, I was struggling to find a list that can help me see an overview of approved vaccines in different countries and you guys delivered. Over delivered I must say, considering how much I have now learnt of the ongoing trials too. I am so thankful for this endeavour you guys have embarked on.

We’ve just updated the home page of the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker to include new data points and some new graphics and navigational aids. This site continues to be fun to work with!

Two new launches this month!

  1. UTOPIA Washington – This site is so beautiful!
  2. Bigger Boat Consulting
  3. Cascadia Prairie Oak Partnership


We’ve now hosted both sets of our parents since getting vaccinated. Having our child get to know their grandparents better has been really fun (and we’ve gotten some date nights out of it too!).

I’ve now gone to two Sounders games and it has been oddly normal. Sadly, we lost the last one, but it was a good evening out with my buddy Kenneth.