Now Page

This page is part of the /now page movement. Last updated: 5 Oct 2020


The new stuff: I’m working on a new website for a COVID-19 Vaccine tracker. Getting to work on something involving a frequent data import and data visualizations is a fun change of pace! Here’s a small preview:

4-section timeline of counts: 43, 28, 9, with a map style marker above the 3rd section.

Plugins: Last month I updated MRW Simplified Editor. This month I updated Post Type Archive Descriptions, including accepting a big contribution from someone else. Open Source is cool.

Cool stuff: I just built this cool donation campaign “thermometer” for a client. I also added some pretty sweet scrollable previews to the top of portfolio pages.


Back to blogging: The posting to my blog has greatly slowed down over the last few years, but I’ve recently posted a couple new blog posts that I think have a lot of value for readers and get back to the soul of what I always want the blog to be:

Gooooooool: My hometown Sounders have lost to Portland twice since my last update but have won every other game, including last weekend’s that features a very odd rescinded redcard but still PK call: