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This page is part of the /now page movement. Last updated: 5 April 2021


I spent three days “at” the Nonprofit Technology Conference. I really wasn’t sure about committing to an intense online conference experience, but it was very much worth it. I blogged the notes for each day which people seemed to appreciate. I focused my conference time on networking, thinking broadly about nonprofits and my work, and thinking hard about my work and equity.

Relatedly, I’ve joined a group of white nonprofit consultants doing a 6-session antiracist community of practice facilitated by Ampersand Community. It promises to be challenging in the best way possible. I hope to blog more about that soon.


We are moving! It’s a bigger house that will give us space to grow and host family and friends when the pandemic ends. If all goes well, I’ll have a vaccine before the end of April too! These are nervy but exciting times.


Watched One Night In Miami recently, and it was excellent. Getting to hear Burr sing more can never be missed!