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This page is part of the /now page movement. Last updated: 6 June 2022

Oops! Look like missed May. Double post time!


I launched my first major project of the year, a brand new site for Civil Survival. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I need to get it into my portfolio ASAP! It was a challenge to design a site with red prominently in the color palette, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. As I continue to work with the block editor more, I feel like I’m getting better and better and designing systems that create interesting page layouts like their Impact Reports.

I was on a podcast! It was a fun experience, and I was pleased both with how I sounded (after filling my office with couch cushions and hanging towels on the walls) and what I said. It has been difficult to keep pushing for some of the changes I want to see in WordPress. I’m doing my best.

WordPress 6.0 came out, so I was able to update my Simplified Editor plugin.

Also, still check out my not-quite-brand-new-any-more resume. It’s still pretty awesome.


I’ve been to only two Sounders games so far this year, but the second one was awesome! Seattle won the Concacaf Champions League final (the first MLS team ever to do so), and the full stadium was totally rocking for the whole game.

We took our first vacation as a family of four—a little road trip two hours north to Bellingham—and it was great. It’s a good reminder that kids don’t have to trap you at home!

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