Now Page

This page is part of the /now page movement. Last updated: 25 August 2020 (first post!)


The new stuff: I’m super happy with how the new website for turned out. That feels like some of the best design work and development work I’ve ever done, and the site is really accessible as well. (I’m currently unaware of any errors beyond heading and alt text issues on legacy pages.)

Blast from the past: Last month, I helped a longtime client Oar Northwest stabilize their website and make sure it’s healthy to live a long life as a record of their amazing ocean rowing expeditions.

Plugins: I’ve lately enjoyed improving a few of my WordPress plugins, specifically MRW Simplified Editor.

Cool stuff: I just built this cool donation campaign “thermometer” for a client. I also added some pretty sweet scrollable previews to the top of portfolio pages.

Next up: I’m starting to dip my toe into developing completely custom WordPress blocks for the new block editor. If I can, one of these hopefully has a future as a new plugin, but that’s a big dream. We’ll see!


Back to blogging: The posting to my blog has greatly slowed down over the last few years, but I’ve recently posted a couple new blog posts that I think have a lot of value for readers and get back to the soul of what I always want the blog to be:

Gooooooool: Very happy that soccer is back. ⚽ I enjoyed watching the Champions League and, most recently, the Sounders beat Portland Timbers 3-0 away.