Generating a WordCamp Application Review Form in Google Forms

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “WordCamp Organizing” The WordCamp Speaker team worked really hard to generate a large pool of applicants and applications for WordCamp Seattle 2017, so processing them was going to be a headache! Our website’s infrastructure had some really fabulous tools to accept applications and automatically set up … Continue reading “Generating a WordCamp Application Review Form in Google Forms”

Idealware’s Content Migration Lessons [link]

[W]e weren’t prepared for how much work it would take, and as our web design team moved steadily closer to launch our migration initiative fell behind. Yesterday, Idealware launched their new website. To promote it, they sent out a newsletter with some great lessons learned from the migration. I wanted to link to it, though, so … Continue reading “Idealware’s Content Migration Lessons [link]”

Good & Bad Accessibility in the Pacific Northwest

Today, I want to share two quick things about accessibility (one web, one not) that are both local to MRW Web Design. Seattle Public Schools Accessibility Lawsuit A faithful blog reader let me know about this first story after reading last week’s post on the lawsuit against Harvard and M.I.T. for not captioning videos. Despite minimal news … Continue reading “Good & Bad Accessibility in the Pacific Northwest”

The Last Resort: Harvard & M.I.T. Sued Over Video Captioning [link]

I used to talk about the legal ramifications of having an inaccessible website a lot more. However, WebAIM’s “Hierarchy for Motivating Change” helped me realize there were better arguments in favor of accessibility. That said, sometimes a story is too big to ignore. From the February 12 New York Times: Advocates for the deaf on Thursday filed federal lawsuits … Continue reading “The Last Resort: Harvard & M.I.T. Sued Over Video Captioning [link]”