Wrapping Up 2011

What a year! Take few minutes to relive 2011 along with me. It has been a good 12 months for MRW Web Design with projects across the U.S., the world, and the web! Bear with me as I share the technical, professional, and personal milestones from this year.

Just Launched: Archipelago Consulting [status]

I’d like to give a warm welcome to the newest MRW Web-built website, Archipelago Consulting. Archipelago Consulting is the new website for conservation consultant Kent Redford. If you fancy, take a moment to read about the Archipelago Consulting project in my portfolio or visit the Archipelago Consulting website to see the result for yourself!

Two New Projects: UnSectored.net and Slash Open

It’s been a busy month for me. Alongside the launch of this refreshed website, I also launched UnSectored.net and built some badges for SlashOpen.net. UnSectored You can read more about UnSectored on its page in my portfolio, but, simply, it’s a multi-author blog about social change in the Washington, D.C. area created by my good … Continue reading “Two New Projects: UnSectored.net and Slash Open”

Welcome to the MRWWeb.com Blog

I’ve refreshed my site design, rebuilt it in WordPress, added a blog (Welcome!) and more. Get to know me a little bit more and read about what’s coming up on this blog. I felt like I had something to say, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Get a look at some of the upcoming topics on this blog. I think you’ll be interested.