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Old Card, New Card, Girlie Press Card
Something old. Something new.

They’re finally here! Yesterday afternoon, I went over to Girlie Press, an awesome local print shop in my neighborhood, to pick up my new business cards. Designed by my friend Kat Marshello, I think they’re a big step up my from old ones that has taken on a Zero Dark Thirty “redaction chic” look after I retired my old Michigan-area-code phone number.

Lessons Learned

While it looks rather straight forward and “professional,” a lot of thought went into it. In particular, I changed a lot of small things from the first card:

  • Flatter feeling paper. It feels so good!
  • New motto that better summarized the clients I work with. They’re not all nonprofits, but all driven by something more than just profit.
  • The right phone number! I’ve been surprised, but, despite never meeting some clients, they still want that 206 phone number. Thank you Google Voice.
  • Capitalized “MRW” in “” and “” There’s a double-W in the middle of my domain that a lot of people miss and read “Mr. Web.” ((There is a Mr. Web website already and it took Google a couple of months to stop telling people the “meant” to type “Mr. Web” instead of “mrwweb.”)) I think this will fix that.

Generally, I really enjoyed having someone else take the lead on this design. Thanks, Kat! I think this greatly compliments my online presence and it feels fresh. It’ll represent me well for the coming years.

In Defense of the Business Card

A lot of people think the business card is dead. The thick stack of other people’s cards in my filing cabinet says otherwise.

The business card may be dead or declining in some industries, including parts of the “web design industry,” but I don’t plan on giving them up any time soon. Particularly when you’re on the smaller side—in my case, one person—I’ve found that there’s a baseline of “legitimacy” that I must display to get clients. Having a website is certainly #1, but a business card is probably in top 5 for one set of potential clients.

I’m headed to two meetups today, so it’s a perfect day for new business cards! The next time you see me, make sure you get one if you want.

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  1. Congrats Mark. Great looking and great points. Can’t wait to get one today. The little things DO count! For those interested in reading about the topic of biz cards Biznik has a lengthy dialogue here and if you want to see some of the “ultimate” cards this is a comprehensive display of the most creative cards imaginable

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