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Last week, I uploaded my second plugin, ((My first plugin, Post Status Menu Items, is at version 1.0.1 with 650+ downloads)) Feature a Page Widget, to the Plugin Repository. Like the first, it arose from a need of mine, but I thought others could benefit from my efforts.

The plugin—you’ll never guess!—creates a widget that lets you feature a page in any sidebar on your site. It uses the “core” Featured Image and Excerpt features of WordPress with which any regular WordPress user is familiar.

There are other similar plugins out there, but I felt that all of them had clunky interfaces or too many options or just didn’t look very good. Therefore, my goals for the plugin were to create an easy-to-use interface, with just enough options, and a widget that looked great “out of the box.”

Right now, the plugin only has four options, the bare minimum I felt necessary for the plugin to function. However, I’m open to adding more options in the future. I hope to follow the 80/20 rule with this plugin by limiting options to the 20% of potential options that 80% of users will need. The only way I can know that is by getting feedback after the plugin is released. That’s why I’ve created a poll for people to vote on which features they want to see added to future versions. If you try out the plugin, make sure to take it!

Check out the plugin’s page on for photos and the feedback poll, and then head over to the repository to give it a spin.

2 thoughts on “New Plugin: Feature a Page Widget”

  1. I’d love to see a featured post widget plugin from you. The page one is great! But I want to show a featured post not a page. It would be nice if the plugin just asked for the url, instead of giving me the option of choosing among my pages. Like the wordpress menu does :-)
    Thank you for the plugin though, it’s beautiful and it works!

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