Fake Follow: January 2013

 Welcome to my first Twitter dump of the new year. As best I can tell, many of you loyal blog followers aren’t active on Twitter, so I thought it would be fun to start doing a once-a-month roundup of my favorite tweets.

I use Twitter to share small bits of advice, connect with other people who do nonprofit tech and WordPress, and learn about the latest trends and news in those fields. So that’s what you’ll find below: tiny thoughts and useful links all at or under 140 characters.

For those new to Twitter, here are a few bits of syntax you might see:

  • @username mentions another Twitter user. They’ll see that “mention” and might choose to respond. I’m @mrwweb if you’re on Twitter.
  • #hashtag is Twitter’s way of categorizing tweets. You can click on these hashtags to see all tweets that use them. Hashtags are often used a little tongue-in-cheek. ((Further Reading: Charlie Sheen, #winning, & #tigerblood and McDonald’s hashtag campaign gets hijacked.))
  • RT stands for “Re-Tweet” and is the equivalent of “Sharing” a post on Facebook. ((Because of the software I use to Tweet, some Tweets are from my account and start with RT while others are directly shared from the original poster’s account. They’re both RTs.))
  • MT stands for “Modified Tweet” and means I edited the original tweet, usually to shorten it so I could comment on it.

So which was your favorite? Should I keep doing this? Holler at me in the comments.

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