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I thought I’d throw up some stuff related to me that’s been up on the web recently!

WordCamp Logo Lives On

Seattle WordCamp 2012 is coming up in mid-May. I’m looking forward to going and hopefully presenting with my friend Christine (we won’t hear back for another next few weeks). Last year, I designed the conference’s logo and website. You can read about the WordCamp project in my portfolio. This year, they found someone else to do the design, but they reused the logo and included a new variant of the WordPress logo that I designed to represent Seattle WordPress. Of course, it had to include the Space Needle:

The WordPress logo integrated with the Space Needle's Silhouette
A new logo for all things WordPress in Seattle.

AWC Website

Lauren Appa, who runs AppaInk Copywriting, wrote up a great summary of the AWC Seattle Website Project that launched in early January 2012. As my main contact with AWC Seattle, Lauren and I worked closely together on the project. In this great article, published in the National Association for Women in Communications newsletter, Communiqué, she describes how the website positioned AWC Seattle to better serve its members. Lauren also offers up some great tips for other people considering an overhaul to their website.

Read “New Seattle Chapter Website is Fun and Functional”.

Nonprofit Twitter Designs Pinterest Board

Habitat for Humanity's Twitter Profile, featuring an exposed-wood background image
I loved the way Habitat for Humanity illustrated their work with the limited customization options on Twitter.

One of the hottest new social networks is Pinterest. It’s great for collecting all things visual. I wanted to play around with Pinterest while creating some type of valuable resource, and I think I’ve done that with my first useful board showcasing creative Twitter profile designs for nonprofit organizations. For those of you not on Twitter, you can only customize your profile’s background color, link color, and background image. But from limitation comes creativity! I’ve found a lot of it with a little searching!

So far, I’ve pinned 23 organizations’ profile pages and 5 people have already thought it was worth following. (Suggestions for other pin-worthy profiles are welcome.)

Check out “Creative Nonprofit Twitter Background Designs.”

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