New Plugin: Feature a Page Widget

It must be plugin month on the blog. (“Plug-vember?”) Last week, I showed you what plugins I use on this site. Next week, I’ll be talking about how to wrangle your plugins and keep them under control. But this week, I’m happy to announce the release of my second WordPress plugin, Feature a Page Widget.

The Plugins That Power

If you know me, you know that I’m a maven. The one thing I like more than an easy-to-use tool is sharing that tool with someone else who needs it. And so in that spirit, check out the list of plugins that power You’ll get an idea of what powers this site, and, if you have a WordPress site of your own, hopefully you’ll find a useful plugin..

Vote with Your Mouse for the Best WordPress Ideas [link]

Even if you’ve never written a single line of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or PHP code, it’s still easy to contribute to the future of WordPress!’s “Ideas” section is a tucked-away but important way to submit feedback to the WordPress team. Everyone from a plugin developer to a first-time WordPress user can express their opinions, … Continue reading “Vote with Your Mouse for the Best WordPress Ideas [link]”

I Just Helped Build a Website In Four Days [status]

This past weekend, I built a site for an amazing student group and nonprofit in Grinnell, Iowa. As a former founding member of the Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell, I wanted to continue helping the group in an exciting time: They’re a finalist for an award from the White House! Read about the site I built, and please take a moment to vote for SEG.

Overview and Example of WordPress “Child Theming” [gallery]

WordPress uses a technique called child theming to create a new design based on an existing theme (a set of files that defines a WordPress design). In June, I gave a presentation to the Seattle WordPress meetup about child theme uses and techniques. This post contains the slides of that presentation and an example of one recent project in which I used the child theming technique.