22NTC Field Notes: Day 3

The final day of 22NTC was a fun grab bag! I learned and talked about WordPress and CRMs, data visualization, inclusive presentations, and ended the day listening to author Saeed Jones.

22NTC Field Notes: Day 2

Today included three really fun community conversations—the “hallway track” of this online conference—and then a lot of sessions about including stakeholders in technology projects, usability testing, and the combination of the two!

21NTC Field Notes: Day 3

And that’s a wrap! The third and final day of 21NTC was a whirlwind of information, ideas, and connections. I watched presentations inclusive facilitation, long-form content, and equitable project management and design. But the keynote was the clear highlight of the day with a critical message for us all.

21NTC Field Notes: Day 2

21NTC kept the learning and connections flowing! Here are my notes about web accessibility, diagramming as a tool for communication, iterative website improvement, and a few nuggets from a keynote conversation by Nikole Hannah-Jones.

21NTC Field Notes: Day 1

Day 1 of NTC had me learning about discriminatory “race blind” AI, how to build equitable structures and a better nonprofit sector, consent in user experience design, more accessible data visualizations, and, of course, WordPress!