NTEN Website Redesign Course in February. NTC in March!

If you saw a weird post an hour ago, that’s my fault. But that’s a good excuse to tell you about something!

I’m teaching a course!

The week of February 13, I’ll be teaching an online course for NTEN, “Anatomy of a Website Redesign.” Registration is still open! The course is way cheaper for members, so I’d recommend you just join NTEN while you’re at it if you’re not a member yet.

If you or someone you know might be interested, please let them know! People in the course will get individualized feedback from me on the brief homework that ends the course.

This continues my work to keep helping people make better nonprofit websites by supporting smart decision making early in their web projects. It’s the same reason I built Nonprofit WP.

I’m going to a conference!

In late March, I’ll be attending my first Nonprofit Technology Conference—also sponsored by NTEN—in Washington DC. If you’ll be there, let me know so we can meet up!

Already, I’ve identified three or four people I’ve worked with in one capacity or another who I’ll meet for the first time in person at the conference. I can’t wait!

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