New Design!

Big news in these parts! I’ve got a totally redesigned website here at

New home page

While a lot has changed, I tried to approach this as a “refresh,” focusing on things that felt outdated or were causing problems while still keeping the good parts.

Notable changes:

  • A bold navigation design that keeps the simplicity of the old system and serves as the site’s defining design element.
  • Larger, higher-contrast body text should make everything easier to read, especially on the blog.
  • Tweaked colors to fix some long-standing contrast issues!
  • Bigger images in the portfolio to showcase successful client work.
  • Reworked home page content that focuses on introducing me and my services better.
  • Lots of under-the-hood changes to ditch some plugin dependencies.

This site now uses a custom child theme of Twenty Sixteen and was much faster to design and develop than my last site. Compare this design to the theme’s demo to see what changed and what didn’t.

I often tell certain clients to launch as soon as the new site is better than the old one, not when the new one is perfect. That is very much the case with this redesign! I have some ideas for refinements to the home page, portfolio page, and project description pages in mind, but there’s no reason to put off a launch not that I think this site is better than the last one!

I hope you like the new design, and please let me know if you have feedback or find any problems.

Just for reference, here are screenshots of the two previous designs:

2011(?) – March 2017:

The design from 2011-2016

2009 – 2011(?):

The very first design

p.s. If you hover your cursor over the logo for long enough…

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