DaizyLogik Launches New Website

Congrats to DaizyLogik on the launch of their new site! DaizyLogik is a Salesforce consulting firm that, like me, focuses on helping nonprofits. That’s why I thought we were a great team to work together on their new website.

Screenshot of Daizy Logik Home Page


The new site does a great job at showing how to get the most out of WordPress.com. We used the Fortune theme and heavily customized it with CSS. However, we didn’t push the theme too far, focusing primarily on:

  • Implementing the brand colors throughout the site
  • Improving some font size and contrast issues that impact accessibility
  • Adding a few custom layouts for pages like their client list
  • Assembling a set of customized icons to tie pages together

Should DaizyLogik ever need to implement advanced functionality on their site, they’ll be able to move from WordPress.com to their own self-hosted version! (That’s why we selected a theme available for both flavors of WordPress.)

The “Salesforce Consulting” page on their website shows off some of the custom icons we built.

Though icon usage can quickly go astray, I loved DaizyLogik’s approach to decorative icons that could strengthen the website’s branding and make the whole site more cohesive.

We took some of the icons and repackaged them together in a custom graphic that shows their agile process workflow:

The DaizyLogik Agile Process : The team takes user stories into a cycle of the product backlog cleared with recurring sprints. Each cycle results in a working system.

While it’s possible to find similar graphics on the web attempting to show similar processes, I think the one we developed together is quite strong compared to the others and will serve the site visitors quite well.

Most importantly, between the WordPress admin and some custom documentation, the DaizyLogik team will have a much easier time managing their own site, something they struggled with before when using a proprietary system.

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