Mr. Wweb Goes to Washington

[This is probably the worst title on my blog of all time. I apologize. I couldn’t help myself.]

2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference Washington DC

I am headed out the door to attend my very first Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, D.C.!

This is the nation’s biggest conference on the topic put on by NTEN every year. I’m a long-time NTEN member, but I’ve also been getting more involved with them in the past year as a WordPress Community facilitator—join us! it’s free—and recently as a faculty member for their Anatomy of a Website Redesign course.

If the rumors are true, I’ll soon be overwhelmed with interesting presentations, good conversations, and tons of really nice people. I have honestly lost count of the number of people I know online who I’ll be meeting in person for the first time (it’s well past 10) which includes past clients on the East Coast, some of the wonderful NTEN staff I’ve worked with this year, and even a couple friendly Twitter followers. I’m also excited to be helping out as a volunteer at the conference where I expect 50% of my time will be telling people how to find the nearest bathroom.

It’ll be my first time back in DC in years, which is exciting as it’s one of my favorite cities! I’ll be staying an extra couple days to see some friends too 😀

I’ll do my best to get some reflections up once I’ve recovered, but for now, if you’ll be at NTC, please get in touch (you can text my business number) so we can say “hi” and bask in the glow of nonprofit technology nerds.

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