Sarah Tran, Nonprofit Assistance Center

There are many good people in the nonprofit sector but I’ve run into few who have Mark’s combination of passion for social justice, thoughtfulness, openness, and creativity as a partner.

Anita Cech, Communities In Schools of Washington

No matter the challenge, Mark was professional, meticulous and unflappable. He made the process of designing and developing 12 websites smoother than I ever could have imagined. On a scale of one to 10, Mark is an 11!

Jeff Raderstrong,

I came to Mark with some broad ideas and suggestions, and he took those, understood them, built on them, and fed them back to me in a way I couldn’t have articulated.

Kay Treakle, The Harder Foundation

Responsive, breaks complicated information down so it’s understandable, provides great training and coaching, seemed to understand what we wanted in terms of website design and delivered it with excellence.

Kent Redford, Archipelago Consulting

Mark was a god-send, helping me through the whole process, inspiring me at some points, praising me at others, and chiding me into taking the difficult task of entering and editing my own text.

Leonya Ivanov, Grinnell College

Mark has an amazing ability to keep the big picture in mind while meticulously and, when needed, heroically performing his day-to-day duties no matter how stressful or routine they are.

Justin Knechtel, Small Potatoes

Mark is somewhat of a unique breed of web developer who has an overwhelming passion and interest in his community as well as a deep understanding of web technologies and the impact they can have on your audience.