What I’m Thankful For (Work Edition)

I’ve advised nonprofits to say thanks more after donations and us website owners to say thanks to open source projects we appreciate. With Thanksgiving on Thursday, I thought this would be a great moment to step back and just list off things I’m thankful for here at MRW Web Design. There’s so much that lets me do my job well and enjoy it.

Thank You!

Readers & Commenters

It’s only appropriate to start with those of you who read this blog! Thanks to all readers, those who stop by on occasion and those who subscribe via RSS or email. I write in hopes of sharing the lessons I learn while doing my work and trying to make the web better. I appreciate knowing that others choose to spend their time reading what I have to say.

In addition, a big thanks to anyone who has ever left a comment. Comments on this blog help keep me honest and make me take hard looks at my ideas. At its best, blog posts turn into conversations that push me to think hard and be better at my job. BobWP and Fulvio earn shoutouts as the two most prolific repeat commenters!


One of the best parts of my job is learning about new fields and projects and ideas and people as I move from one project to another. This year I’ve been lucky enough to get to work with folks trying to protect and restore the environment, create jobs in the Puget Sound area, provide accessible summer camp experiences to Seattle-area kids, support nonprofits with pro bono web services, and so much more. There’s no way to list them all here.

With this job, there’s always something new and interesting around the corner, so thanks to those of you who have found me and trusted me with your websites. I would literally have nothing to do without you!


To those who think highly enough of me to pass on my name to others, it means a lot. Thank you! Referrals are always appreciated, whether they lead to more work or not.

Partners / Collaborators

More this year than in the past, I’ve been lucky enough to partner with other people and organizations who support nonprofits in Washington. Working for myself, it’s a powerful feeling to know that I’m just one of many supporting nonprofit technology capacity in Seattle and Washington. Thanks to 501 Commons (especially Sam and Dave), Percolator Consulting (especially Chris and Karen), and George from Noise Without Sound.

Coworking Buddies

Coworking—getting together with other freelancers and working in the same place while trading stories and tips—is one of the best ways I stay sane. This year, I coworked a bunch in particular with two great friends, Kat (an amazing  illustrator) and Mike (Seattle Apple Consultant and website builder extraordinaire). Thanks you two!

This month also marks my one-year anniversary as a member of The Impact Hub, a coworking space I visit once a week. It’s an awesome, huge network of people working for good in Seattle. I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet new people and am grateful for the work that the super personable Hub staff do.

WordPressers & Open Source Everywhere

Thanks to the vibrant WordPress community in Seattle and all over the world. My business relies on the help of fellow users who answer my questions, build useful tools and plugins, write resources, and keep the community vibrant. The benefits of participating in a global open source community are hard to quantify because they are so great in number and quantity.


Networking events are another one of those things that keep me sane. Having access to cheap professional development helps keep my costs and rates down. Thanks in particular to the organizers and participants of the Seattle WordPress Meetup (thanks, Grant, Morgan, and the rest of the organizers), SeaTech4Good Meetup (thanks, Joel!), and WPDevsigners (thanks, Sheila).


And the last and greatest thank you goes to my partner Emily who is the first line of defense against bad ideas, a willing participant in late-night usability tests, and honorary company member and note-taker during my “annual retreat.” She’s been with MRW Web Design since day one and it’s better for it.

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