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Last week, I had the pleasure of giving a new webinar for Washington Nonprofits. It covered a lot of information in just under an hour, and we got great feedback!

So nice to be reassured that a SIMPLE start is o.k.! The site can grow over time!

Webinar Participant

The presentation specifically speaks to smaller organizations making their first website, but any small nonprofit with tight resources and a website in need of attention will learn a lot from this.

Of particular interest, for the first time I explicitly recommended a “recipe” for a website. You’ll find it roughly in the middle third of the presentation. While it glosses over so much nuance and individual decisions by necessity, I think the basics are solid. I’m eager to publish it separately and hopefully hear from a few organizations that put it to use.

I really like the iterative approach. Makes the thought of a site not so overwhelming

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I love giving free presentations like this one. In the scheme of things, I only serve a minuscule sliver of nonprofits, often due to budget constraints or geography. That’s why I made Nonprofit WP (unofficial motto: “My first 5 hours of consulting for free!”) and also why I jumped at the chance to work with Washington Nonprofits, a truly a state-wide organization. We had participants from just about every corner of the state.

You can view the full webinar video or review the slides independently (read the speaker notes for context). Note that while the slides certainly don’t stand in for watching the full presentation—you’ll miss my amazing jokes, for starters—they do include tons of links to other valuable resources that can help you understand many of the individual points in greater detail.

Your passion for this work is energizing – many thanks!

Webinar Participant


Webinar Participant

As I give more webinars, I continually search for ways to make them more engaging. For the first time, I included a graphic organizer to help people follow the presentation and organize their thoughts. If you watch the video, I recommend you print this out to take notes and plan your next steps.

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  1. Top basic mistake what most organizations do is they do not become quite obvious on their website so that customers can easily interact with the website to submit their queries, other big mistake is not to pay attention to the website loading time although research indicates that 70% of users leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

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