New Corporate Focus for MRW Web Design

MRW Web Design Logo with Mortar Board and Three Dollar Signs
MRW Web Design. Now with more lens flare.


“New Corporate Focus for MRW Web Design”

Seattle, WA – April 1, 2015 – Beginning Q2 2015, MRW Web Design will shift its customer focus to assisting for-profit “education” institutions.

The for-profit education sector is well-known for it’s commitment to veterans (and their government benefits), low levels of student debt (as a percentage of global GDP), and stellar graduation rates (compared to those who did not attend college).

“Here at MRW Web Design, we’ve always been committed to supporting mission-driven organizations,” says MRW Web Design visionary thought-leading CEO/COO/CFO/CTO/CMS/BBQ Mark Root-Wiley. “We believe this move is consistent with that commitment as all for-profit colleges and universities are driven by the mission to earn excessively high profits.”

All future branding for MRW Web Design will utilize a refreshed logo. The new look takes the ubiquitous favicon and elevates it with a mortar board (with tassel permanently affixed to the right). The three dollar signs represent the new company-wide commitment to a unique take on the “triple bottom line”: generating profit off of the environment, society, and everything else.

“We wanted to commemorate this change with a symbol that has real gravitas,” said Root-Wiley, “so it was a no-brainer to go with Comic Sans for our new company-wide font.”

8 thoughts on “New Corporate Focus for MRW Web Design”

  1. Dang…I was about to say congratulations and great new focus. Now that I realize it’s April 1 and see the tongue-in-cheek Comic Sans comment… I’m guessing this is not for real! You really got me!

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