“Doing Your Part” Presentation & Two Short Assistive Technology Videos

"Doing Your Part" Presentation Title SlideThis past weekend, I attended and presented at WordCamp Seattle: Experienced. This was the first of two WordCamp Seattles this year—the second will be for “beginners” in October.

I kicked off the first session of presentations with my talk, “Doing Your Part: Coding Accessible WordPress Websites.” As the title suggests, the presentation contained some technical information, but the slides also contain lots of information about accessibility that anyone can learn from (mostly in the first third of the slides, up to the pyramid graphic and the following slide).

View all slides for “Doing Your Part: Coding Accessible WordPress Websites.”

Update 4 Sept 2015: The video of this presentation went up a while ago, so you can watch the slides with my voice explaining them.

Assistive Technology Videos

In particular, the videos of a screen reader user and keyboard navigator are important watching for anyone who maintains a website and wants to—needs to, really—understand the range of ways that people interact with their websites. These tools are often called “assistive technology” (AT). If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, you’ll learn really quickly!

“Web Accessibility 101: Web Headings for Screen Readers”

“Skip to Main Content Link for Keyboard Users”

2 thoughts on ““Doing Your Part” Presentation & Two Short Assistive Technology Videos”

    1. Hi @george, good question!

      That is one of the plugins I mention in the talk’s slide about WP a11y plugins. That plugin is a suite of tools that apply a lot of common fixes, but probably takes a decent understanding of the issues to configure.

      Some of the features aren’t needed on sites that are built accessibly in the first place, so setting it up is tricky in that respect too. That said, I like it! In particular, the plugin just added a feature that requires “alt” text on images in many cases. That I can get behind!

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