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A screenshot of the new MRW Web Design website homepage.I’ll keep this short.

A Bit About Me

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mark Root-Wiley, I grew up in Michigan, went to college in Iowa, and now live in the Central District of Seattle, Washington. I’ve been making websites for a decade, and through coursework, internships, and volunteer experiences, I’ve developed passion for and experience with nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations.

The Future of this Blog

The motto of my blog is “Thoughtful posts for thoughtful people.” On this blog, I’ll try to help those of you who don’t spend every day thinking about websites understand the best practices, techniques, and tips & tricks that I’ve learned in my years as a website builder.  Some of the upcoming articles you’ll be seeing on this blog are:

My goal for these posts is to make the work and thought that goes into building a strong website clear to people who work with websites but don’t have the time to do the copious research and experimentation that I’m lucky enough to do for a living.

Read only what you want

On occasion, I plan to briefly highlight other resources, tools, and articles from around the web that I think fit with the “mission” of this blog. I’ll also post infrequent news announcements about MRW Web and new projects that have launched.

In order to help everyone read only what they’re interested in, watch for short words in brackets following certain post titles. If I share a link to another resource or article, the title might look like “Nonprofit Online Giving Best Practices [Link].” That “[Link]” is just a bit of contextual information to help you understand what type of content you’ll be reading. “Post formats” will include:

  • [Link],
  • [Video],
  • [Image] (a chart or interesting screenshot),
  • [Quote] (sage pieces of wisdom from people other than me),
  • [Status] (brief news about MRW Web).

Also, know that the occasional “[geeky]” post might show up as well. I intend those posts for people who have at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, but I’ll try to write them so everyone can at learn something from even those posts.

Follow This Blog

I’m really excited about writing for you in the future, and I hope you’ll come back. Please consider subscribing to my RSS feed or following @mrwweb on Twitter so you can learn along with me.

Got a topic or question you want me to cover in the future? Leave it in the comments!

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