Two New Projects: and Slash Open

It’s been a busy month for me. Alongside the launch of this refreshed website, I also launched and built some badges for


You can read more about UnSectored on its page in my portfolio, but, simply, it’s a multi-author blog about social change in the Washington, D.C. area created by my good friend Jeff Raderstrong.

I had the pleasure of making both the logo and the site’s design, as well as all of the WordPress setup and configuration.

I’m particularly happy with the logo’s multiple interpretations as three arrows coming to a single point, three people joining hands, or a curious box full of possibilities!

The site itself puts the blogging front and center, but also houses Author and Partner profiles to help promote the people and organizations that are on board with the mission of “unsectoring” social change.

/open (“Slash Open”)

Badges by MRW Web Design for the /open initiative./open is an open data initiative, started by the founder of Kabissa, Tobias Eigen. /open’s mission is simple: to encourage any website with valuable data to create a page on their site at “” (hence the name).

In order to promote the initiative and each organization’s /open page, I worked with them to create a set of badges, similar to Creative Commons, that websites could place in the website’s footer or their /open page.

I think they turned out pretty nice!

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