Fake Follow: September 2014

MRWweb Twitter LogoFall sure is here in Seattle. On the first day of fall it was gray and rainy! September saw lots of tweets, plugin work, best practices advice, and more. It also saw my birthday, on which I ate a very large burger.

One common criticism of Twitter is that it’s a stream of unfiltered information that can whiz by faster than you can keep up. ((Though that certainly has its advantages, see: “Why Facebook is for ice buckets, Twitter is for Ferguson”.)). So I’m going to stick with grouping tweets by theme in this a future Fake Follows so you can hopefully get more out it.

If you still get your MTs confused with your RTs, check out the first fake follow post for the Twitter jargon. All the tweets are ones I sent or “retweeted” to the masses.

The “MRW” meme seems to be popping up more often:


Tech and fundraising advice for all nonprofits:


I spent a lot of time on support forums and so I have seen how and how not to get good support. Some advice on using forums from someone else and also me.


Twitter is always good for some snark and sarcasm directed at tech:


Twitter is also good for the tech funnies:


But Twitter isn’t all fun and games either:


This comes up frequently with clients and I found a great example to illustrate the issue. FAQs are great as long as they’re FAQs:


This one goes out to my Dad, the professor:


And if you’re on Twitter tomorrow, you’ll see my official announcement of the plugin that followed this:

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