Intuitive Means Familiar

Think about it. There’s nothing “intuitive” about using a mouse. It’s a piece of plastic that you move around on a flat horizontal surface to effect the position of this tiny arrow on a vertical screen. And yet we use “intuitive” to describe technology all the time. Why is that and what can we do instead?

Trusting Your Plugins

It’s a big scary world out there, full of monsters, ghosts, faceless multinational corporations, and WordPress plugins THAT HAVEN’T BEEN UPDATED IN TWO YEARS!!! OH THE HUMANITY! Take a moment and review why you need to be careful about what plugins you use.

Pruning Your Plugins

WordPress plugins are amazing. They’re one of the biggest reasons I use WordPress: Every time you install WordPress, you have a world of free and cheap plugins that make WordPress better—as long as you use good plugins, that is. But even the most amazing things are best in moderation.

The Skinny on Microsites [link]

I’ve been intrigued by the concept of microsites for a long time. For those of you who haven’t heard of microsites before, I’ll quote from the article I’m linking to: A microsite is a mini-website, generally two to four pages, focused on a specific topic or campaign. These mini-websites are usually graphic-heavy and have very … Continue reading “The Skinny on Microsites [link]”