Making Accessibility Accessible

What’s the role of non-experts in the field of accessibility? It’s certainly not standing in a metaphorical corner and yelling at everyone! But that’s maybe been the habit of some, and it’s time to move beyond that to a happier, easier-to-use web.

Phase Zero [link]

“Phase Zero.” I pretty much guessed what this phrase meant before I even read the linked article. But that doesn’t make it less interesting and, most important to me, it gives me a phrase to communicate a concept that I deal with at the start of every new project.

Client Intake, Project Planning, and Wait

Frank Partnoy’s book, Wait, has me thinking about project management. It discusses how—across many disciplines—experts are careful in collecting enough information to make good decisions before quickly relying on past experience to succeed at whatever their goal may be. So this suggests that projects start slow and then end fast.

Making a More-Inclusive Meetup

The article “Universal Design IRL” pushed me to broach the topics of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility with the Seattle WordPress meetup. It’s the starting point for what I hope will be some fruitful discussions that improves the meetup over the long haul.