Where Good Ideas Come From [video]

I love this video for so many reasons!, and I find myself coming back to it time after time.

Since first watching this video, I’ve made more of an effort to:

  • Record my ideas in as much detail as possible as soon as they happen…
    • …while keeping in mind that my “brilliant” idea is probably only half-brilliant at best.
  • Share my ideas with other people who can poke holes or build upon my thoughts…
    • …remembering that failure is progress so long as you learn from it.
  • Share my ideas with other people who could benefit from them.

On this last point, I see the nebulous “open source movement” as an important step in the quest for great ideas. The movement thrives by shunning “proprietary ideas” and encourages everyone to innovate beyond that initial great idea or product.

In many ways, the little icon at the bottom of every page of my website was born from the same ideas in the video.  Great ideas—and great websites—come from collaboration. ((See “Trust is a Must: Thoughts on Successful Collaboration” for some of my other ideas about collaboration.)) The best websites I have worked on arose out of situations where the client and I both critiqued and built upon the ideas of the other. Rather than taking my design and slapping it on top of their content, we discussed the reasons behind every decision; we parsed words and colors and pushed each other to refine and experiment.

So where do your ideas come from?

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