501 Commons Launches with Responsive Refresh!

Anyone familiar with my portfolio will know 501 Commons. I designed their website and have worked with them on other projects like PEPS and Y2Y.

Earlier this week, we launched a “refreshed” version of their website. Jesse Snyder of Rasika Consulting was a fabulous partner in crime, doing all the Plone development (the CMS used by the site).

While keeping the same character of the old design, I worked to improve the consistency and proportions of the design. We also chose to redesign the home page. Things like link “hover” states, image crispness, and a site-wide “vertical rhythm” should make the site more legible and easier to use. Most importantly, I recoded the site “theme” to make it work better on both smaller and larger screens!

The new home page features a client of 501 Commons while telling how 501 Commons’ services benefited their work.

And the responsiveness in action:

Even the powerful Consultants Directory is now usable on phones and tablets!

Finally, I got to flex my graphic design creativity muscles to come up with some new icons for their home page. Here are my two favorite, representing the state-wide network of nonprofit support offered by 501 Commons and the new initiative to improve nonprofit technology funding (I only did the icon, not the wordmark):

Line graph with lightning bolt-shaped lines: Zap the Gap  Network of nodes and connections in shape of Washington State

Congratulations to 501 Commons on their successful launch! It’s our hope that all users, especially those on tablets and phones, will find the site more useful in finding information and services to support their nonprofit!

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