You’re Invited: Free Nonprofit Website Accessibility Event

November 17, 2016 from 12:00-1:30, I’ll be presenting “Web For All: Building Better Websites with Web Accessibility” at 501 Commons. This is a free event for all nonprofits!

Ensuring your organization’s website is accessible to all visitors, regardless of how they are able to use a computer or their physical abilities, is critical to the integrity of your mission.

Having a basic understanding of web accessibility techniques will help you maintain a website that serves every visitor, regardless of ability. Better yet, accessible websites are always easier to use for every visitor, not just those whom some may think of as “disabled.” Web accessibility is not just for websites that explicitly serve otherly-abled audiences!

Those of you who follow the blog may remember a similar presentation I earlier this year at the Accelerate LGBT conference. This will be an even more in-depth and interactive presentation, with concrete skills attendees can immediately apply to their websites.

People who have seen this and similar presentations I’ve given at WordCamp Seattle always say it’s a refreshing new way of understanding the web and they leave invigorated to make changes to their sites.

I hope to see you and other nonprofits staff there! If you know people who might benefit from this presentation, please share.

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