WordPress for All: Formatting Accessible Content

Saturday, October 24, 2015, I was at McCaw Hall at Seattle Center, presenting at WordCamp Seattle: Beginner Edition.

My presentation covered web accessibility’s importance for all website users and touched on four specific techniques that beginning WordPress users could implement on their sites immediately:

  1. Headings (to add visual and technical structure to documents)
  2. Descriptive links (i.e. no “click here”s)
  3. Alternative Text (both the alt attribute for images and transcripts for audio and video)
  4. Color & color contrast

As you can tell from the links, I’ve written about these topics before, but I was really excited to package them up in a 30-minute presentation that was accessible to people with minimal technical knowledge. This was very much a reprisal of my WordCamp Seattle: Experienced Edition talk about accessible coding for WordPress developers (includes video of that presentation) earlier this year.

The attendees of WordCamp Seattle: Beginner Edition are on the front lines of producing new content for their websites, so helping them make good, accessible decisions is an important part of making an accessible web. They were a great audience and asked really good follow-up questions.

This presentation will eventually be on WordPress.tv, and I’ll update this post when that comes out. Until then, I’ve embedded the slides for review. I know some people have found them useful already. (Anyone who wasn’t there want to guess why Magritte’s Pipe makes an appearance!?) Update! The video is now live on WordPress.tv and embedded below.

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