Two Amusing (Canadian!) Videos About Web Accessibility [video]

Let’s keep going with the accessibility theme from last week. Particularly, accessibility education.

I just came across these two pretty funny videos (in a forehead slap kind of funny way) about website accessibility produced to help people in Ontario (Ontarians?) make more-accessible sites.

They introduce you to the Web Content Accessibility Group 2.0 Guidelines which set standards for accessible websites by highlighting some of the most common problems. The second video also features a really terrible Russian accent.

Notice, particularly in the first video, how these videos were made with accessibility in mind.

  • They include captions in the video itself, a great example of alternative text.
  • They describe what’s happening for those who can’t see it. This “Described Audio” technique was new to me, and, as a sighted user, in no way did I find them annoying or intrusive.
  • The script is written in a way so those audio-only descriptions are infrequent. Most of what’s happening is narrated helping everyone follow what’s going on.

And because I can never pass up an opportunity to link to this, Boris was probably the alter-ego of this wayward [fake] graphic designer.



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