Releasing My First Plugin [status]

I’m happy to announce that my first plugin, Post Status Menu Items, is now available for public use on

You can download it from the official WordPress Plugin Directory, and you can read about it on the page devoted to it on this site (which has more detailed information about the plugin and how to install it).

The Flyout Posts Menu with Post Status Menu Items
My “Post Status Menu Items” plugin lets you manage your posts with fewer clicks. Look useful? Check it out!

What It Does

WordPress offers four default post status: Draft, Pending Review, Scheduled, and Published. In the default interface, you have to click on “All Posts” and then click on the status you want to view (e.g. only view “Drafts”). That first click is unnecessary, and with this plugin you can skip it!

Why I Built It

I use all four post statuses extensively on this blog, so I wanted this for myself. When I couldn’t find a plugin that did this, I wrote my own code and realized that other WordPressers could benefit from my work.

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