New WordPress Special Characters Plugin

There’s a brand new WordPress plugin that brings an Insert Special Characters function to the new block editor. (You’ll never guess what it’s called!)

This was sorely missing from the beginning of the new WordPress editor’s development, which lead me to file a bug report about its omission. Despite many people chiming in in favor, it was never implemented until this plugin came along.

I’m greatly appreciative that 10up—the company that built this plugin—identified the same need and had the resources to bring it back. In my initial testing, the plugin works as advertised, and further improvements are on the way.

Longtime readers of the blog know that I built and maintain the very tiny Hawaiian Characters plugin which I built at a client’s request. Up until now, there was no way to support text written in the new editor. Thanks to this new plugin, I look forward to adding support to the new editor very soon!

Update: 25 Sept 2019. Hawaiian Characters now supports Insert Special Characters!