My Web Developer Search History Last Week

I loved learning about Sophie Koonin’s recent blog post with a week of her search queries for work. The point of sharing is to show how actively web developers need to find resources to learn new things and remind themselves of things they know of but haven’t committed to memory.

It seems like a fun little exercise, and I was busy working on an interesting project last week, so here’s my work-focused search history.

Monday, September 30

  • filter content_width
  • filter content_width wordpress – Even I don’t capitalize the P correctly when doing a search!
  • do_shortcode text widget
  • 288/930 – Did you know Google does math? I use this feature all the time.
  • 326*.31
  • wordpress textwidget shortcode
  • add_filter(‘widget_text’,’do_shortcode’); – These last three shortcode queries were me barking up the completely wrong tree to solve a problem.
  • svgomg
  • inkscape document size
  • css viewbox
  • hidden html
  • css tricks symbol use
  • wordpress register block setting
  • add setting to default block gutenberg
  • tint background sv – Typo: Should be “svg”.
  • mask-image
  • edge vector effect non-scaling stroke

Tuesday, October 1

  • facetwp 3.4.3
  • searchwp 3.1.2
  • background-opacity
  • cannot use scalar value
  • tabindex
  • focusable false
  • javascript trim
  • post type archive descriptions – This is my own plugin and I have no recollection for why I was searching for it.
  • block editor changes in wordpress 5.3

Wednesday, October 2

  • css attr selectors
  • attr ^= not working
  • css class attr ^= no working
  • css attribute selector starts with not working
  • string.tolowercase
  • javascript mdn foreach
  • javascript nested foreach
  • jsmap
  • js string interpolation
  • nested foreach loop variable not defined
  • mdn css mask
  • transform css mdn
  • css transform mirror
  • replaceNode js
  • create element js
  • wrap image in div js
  • getelementsbytagname element not found
  • edge vector effect non-scaling stroke
  • sass loop
  • sass loop nth
  • loop dee loop – I learned you spell it “loop the loop” OR “loop de loop”
  • javascript replace
  • replace regex
  • replace regex js babel
  • template literal replace regex

Thursday, October 3

  • css mdn transition
  • prefers-reduced-motion
  • firefox focus button outline
  • @supports css mdn
  • convert to blocks

Friday, October 4

  • sass use interpolation variable
  • gravity forms ready classes
  • block editor remove block panel
  • block editor remove block panel wordpress
  • gravity forms stars

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