My Multiscreen Life [link]

Stacked screens illustration
Art by Ben Wiseman that accompanied Clive Thompson’s Wired article.

Welp. There’s one less blog post to write.

As has happened before, I just read an article that said exactly what I planned to write…probably better than I could too. This time, it was Clive Thompson—by far, my favorite regular Wired contributor—writing about the “multiscreen life.”

About six months ago, I bought a Nexus 7 tablet. There were multiple reasons to do so, among them gaining the ability to test my websites on another device. However, my primary goal was better segment my digital activities. I’m a blog and news junky (hence my love of RSS—take the poll!), two things I consume mostly on screens. That’s the same place I do my work.

I hoped that I could move my news reading, blog reading, and most social media consumption to the tablet, and that’s exactly what’s happened. I probably spent the same amount of time as I did before (or maybe even a bit more) doing it, but it’s in solid chunks and less interspersed with my work.

And as I learned, I’m not alone in doing this:

Now that people have several devices at work—a laptop, a phone, a tablet—…they use each piece of hardware for a different purpose. Consider it a new way to manage all the digital demands on our attention: Instead of putting different tasks in different windows, people are starting to put them on different devices.

Read “How Working on Multiple Screens Can Actually Help You Focus” in Wired.

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