Fake Follow: March & April 2015

MRWweb Twitter LogoIt’s been eight whole weeks since your last installment of my favorite tweets! Since we last saw each other, I’ve been hard at work tweeting, but also working. That’s important too.

I’ll spare you the deluge of my WordCamp Seattle-related tweets and just get on with my favorite small tips, thoughts, and LOLs.

If you still get your MTs confused with your RTs, check out the first fake follow post for the Twitter jargon. All the tweets are ones I sent or “retweeted” to the masses.


Remember how WordPress just added emojis? Well, here’s beautiful example of emojis (plus a little Photoshop) clearly illustrating a couple tweets.

WordPress Stuff

Click play to watch the animated GIF of this awesome new WordPress editor trick:

Tweets that Just Happened to Be Posted on April 1st

Tech-y Stuff

For anyone who needs images for their websites, this is great news!

These Tweets Happened

Accessibility & Usability

How the visually impaired enjoy a music video. I really enjoyed watching this.


My very favorite coffee device was invented by a guy who got rich by designing a frisbee!

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