Fake Follow: July 2014

MRWweb Twitter LogoIn the heat of the Seattle summer, the tweets were flying fast and furious on my account. I could’ve posted 20 favorites this month but I cut back. You’ll have to follow me on Twitter if you want to read them all.

This month sees many a retweet. Some serious, some funny. Some links, some pictures, some trite 140-character thoughts. Find a favorite and pass it on.

If you still get your MTs confused with your RTs, check out the first fake follow post for the Twitter jargon. All the tweets are ones I sent or “retweeted” to the masses.

If you don’t know Creative Commons, here’s a great intro! Free (as in uncaged and unpaid) stuff on the web!





The digital divide is alive and kickin’.


Fun fact.



As a rule, be nice and do nice.



This month saw my first ever sponsored plugin update! It was a much-needed feature addition that came about because of community support! Yay, WordPress!



Well that sure fizzled out.


I love this new accessibility icon! If you haven’t heard the 99% Invisible podcast about it, go listen!


Sorry if you were on the receiving end of one of these.

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