Fake Follow: February 2015

MRWweb Twitter LogoIt’s the end of February and it’s a Friday afternoon. Forget work, let’s get all atwitter and look back fondly at the shortest month of 2015 as represented in 140-character bursts.

Highlights include personal achievements, lots of accessibility (#a11y) posts, and of course a few funnies. There will be no dress of ambiguous color.

If you still get your MTs confused with your RTs, check out the first fake follow post for the Twitter jargon. All the tweets are ones I sent or “retweeted” to the masses.

@MRWWeb Updates

Remember the new plugin!?

I’ve been working on a new email signature. Here’s how I ended up with what I have.

Laughs and Snark

Nonprofit Websites

Usability & Accessibility


But cool and interesting!

Emoji are coming to WordPress, so hopefully they’ll keep diversity in mind.

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