Fake Follow: August 2014

MRWweb Twitter LogoI spent a great week on the beach with family, so early August saw Twitter radio silence from me. That said, I had plenty to tweet and retweet later in the month!

It was a busy month for plugins I write, interesting social media trends, and, of course, some funnies. I’m trying grouping tweets a bit more thematically this month rather than just in order of posting on my timeline.


If you still get your MTs confused with your RTs, check out the first fake follow post for the Twitter jargon. All the tweets are ones I sent or “retweeted” to the masses.

I had a plugin featured on a popular WordPress blog and put out a plugin update!


The “!” is a negation and “++” is an incrementer. Get it!?!




I hadn’t noticed this handy new Gmail feature until I saw this.


Even though that kind of thing is in vogue, I’m not misusing literally here.




Just for the record, social media trends are not the most important lesson to take from Ferguson.




Two auto-play-is-bad tweets!


I love Dilbert.


And the social media trend for the month of August 2014 is? *drum roll*

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