Brief Review of new Idealware WordPress Plugin report on Nonprofit WP

Over on my new site, Nonprofit WP, I just published a brief review of the new Idealware report on selecting WordPress plugins for nonprofits (the report’s scope is actually a bit broader). Just based on the timing, it seems clear we both recognized the need for high-quality nonprofit-specific WordPress resources around the same time!

I’m a member of NTEN where they looked for some advice when researching for the report, so I wrote a few long emails to the report’s authors. I was excited to see that they didn’t just listen to some of my advice, but they included a mention of my most-popular plugin Feature a Page Widget and a link to my post on how to pick a plugin.

You can read a bit more about the report and find the link to download it over on

As an aside: when I was writing that post, I needed to quickly find an image to accompany a post about a technical guide. I satisficed rather quickly with the image you see below from Flickr. That’s not a WordPress manual…

Know what it is a manual for? No cheating!

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