2021 Worldwide WordPress 5k

Last Sunday, my two-year-old and I completed the 2021 edition of the Worldwide WordPress 5k! It’s an asynchronous run/walk/skip/crawl anytime in October for anyone who likes WordPress. I’ve done it both times, since I do in fact like WordPress, and it also gives me a good internal goal to keep exercising.

It was a typical beautiful October day in Seattle, which among other things, resulted in my wet phone crashing when I tried to save my running route and time.

I followed the course of the West Seattle 5k that runs from the Alki Beachhouse in West Seattle to Anchor Park and back. I’ve meant to do that run for many years now, but have always been thwarted by travel or a global pandemic.

As expected, it’s a really nice route, even in inclement weather. Interestingly, you can almost see the turn-around point when you start the run. I think that subconsciously made me set out on a really fast (too fast) initial pace since it seemed so close.

Google Map showing route from Alki Beach Bathhoouse to Anchor Park and back.

I almost never time my runs, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The course is flat, but it was fairly windy—technically, I was running in a bomb cyclone—and I was pushing 35lbs+ of human and stroller. I had missed a couple of my final planned longer training runs in the lead up to the arbitrary day I scheduled for my run, so I was very happy with my ~9:06 mile pace.

We’ve got 5 days of October left, so it’s not too late to join in!

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