Websites Spotted Out in the Wild

When you build a website, there is a magic to writing code or configuring a tool and then seeing it in a browser where anyone can view it. That’s what got me into building websites in the first place, and I still get that rush!

This summer, I had three projects show up in places that I thought were pretty cool.

Vaccine Tracker

The COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker has continued to grow and evolve since its launch almost a year ago. Where we used to get 40,000 visitors in a month, we are now getting 10x or more every month, as more and more people seek out simple and trustworthy information about vaccine trials and approvals.

There are now over 146 vaccine candidates being tracked, and the site has literally been used around the world. But not just that, the website is listed on a site within the World Health Organization, and also on one of the researcher’s birthday cakes!

White sheetcake with frosting flowers and printed picture of home page of
Luckily, this cake was consumed quickly so we didn’t have to worry about keeping the data on it up-to-date.

CISWA Billboard

I don’t think I had ever seen one of my website’s URLs on a billboard until this summer! The amazing Communities In Schools network had some billboards up in the Seattle area including one not too far from my house. I missed getting a picture before they came down, but here’s one taken by the Seattle affiliate.

Billboard: "In Schools & Beyond" with picture of teacher and student fist-bumping
Photo Credit: Communities In Schools of Seattle on Facebook

Hike Recommender

After working with WTA on their map redesign a few years ago, I was thrilled to get called back in to help with their new hike recommendation tool. I did the design and front-end coding for this new widget in the Hike List section of the “My Backpack” area.

Hike Recommender tool showing three hikes with photo and details about each and an "Add to Backpack" plus symbol button

The tool was featured in WTA’s quarterly magazine as well as this article in Geekwire. So not only, did I see this site out in the wild, but it’ll help you get out in the wild too!

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