Website Design Haikus

A hibiscus flower made of keyboard characters.The web is fast. New technologies / blossom and whither away / within weeks and months. So what better way to talk about the web than in haiku form?


One magic instant.
The perfect search result found.
Oh no! 4-0-4.

The “Social” Web

Silent social world.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn “friends.”
I should go outside.

Attention Spans & Analytics

A new visitor!
Five, four, three, two, one and gone.
Bounce rate increasing.


At page’s bottom
the donate button rests sad,
alone, and unclicked.

A Cautionary Tale

Perfect domain lost.
“Buy real estate!” “V1@gra!!”
Use autorenew.


When writing for web:
Be short, direct, and on point—
just like this haiku.

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