Website. Website. THEME! Three New Launches

Between December 2014 and January 2015, I’ve helped three different projects see the light of day with a public launch! Let’s take a quick look at all three.

Camp Fire Seattle

Camp Fire Seattle . org Home PageMid-December saw the launch of the brand new website for Camp Fire Central Puget Sound. Formerly the owners of four separate websites—one for the organization, one for their well-known Camp Sealth summer camp on Vashon Island, and a separate blog for each—this new site is now the go-to place for all things Camp Fire in the Puget Sound region. The new website features news (including all the old blog posts), events, full camp and program listings, and comprehensive information for parents of campers, Camp Sealth alumni, volunteers, and more! In a couple weeks, you’ll also be able to buy Camp Fire’s beloved candy. (I’ve tried the mints and they’re great!)

I lead Camp Fire through the intensive reorganization of their web content and then pulled in George from Noise Without Sound to do the vibrant design that makes me want to go back to camp! After developing the site with WordPress, the Camp Fire staffers are excited to really control their website themselves and they’ve done a fantastic job!

SkillUp Washington home pageEarly-January started with a bang as SkillUp Washington released their brand new site. With new language from Team Soapbox and a design from Noise Without Sound, I lead the WordPress development and training. And as is always the goal, following a couple in-person trainings, SkillUp is able to add and edit content with much greater control than they had with their previous proprietary CMS.

The beautiful new photography and compelling language help show the important job development that SkillUp facilitates, while the powerful new document library makes the research SkillUp produces easier to find for local politicians, researchers, and other interested parties.

Blogsonry: A Free Theme with a Big Assist

Blogsonry WordPress Theme ScreenshotLast year, I was lucky enough to work with the great people from FoodCorps. As they experimented with ways to improve their programs’ communications, I helped them develop a new blog network. That launched and is doing great, but I didn’t stop there!

With FoodCorps’ blessing, I adapted the work I did for their site and submitted it to the Theme Repository. After some initial revisions to meet repository standards, I’m thrilled to announce that “Blogsonry” is now free for anyone who wants to use it on their WordPress site.

Blogsonry is a “child theme” of the default Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme. The name combines the two defining traits of the theme: 1) it’s intended for blogging and 2) its design uses a “masonry” layout (you might not know the name but you probably recognize it from sites like Pinterest).  While I’ve submitted five plugins to the WordPress Plugin Repository, this is my first submission to the Theme Repository.

A big thanks to FoodCorps for allowing me to share the work I did for them with the WordPress community!

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